Storage Units Are a Great Solution

Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2016

When you don't want to take up too much space at home, consider a self-storage unit. There are all types of self storage companies. The key is to find one in Santa Cruz that offers a variety of different unit sizes and beneficial features. Renting a unit with humidity control is always wise. It is important to keep your items dry and cool to prevent molding, especially on the West Coast.


When Is a Good Time to Rent a Storage Unit?

1.      When you're in the middle of relocation

2.      When you have no space for things, yet don't want to rid of them

3.      When you have a vehicle that is no longer running, but you feel inclined to keep it

4.      If you're forced to downsize

5.      If you're selling a home

6.      When you are going on a long trip

8.      Emergency situations

9.      When you need to store outdoor equipment that don’t fit into your garage or shed

10.  To store away winter items during warmer months and summer items during colder months

11.  If you sell things online or have an inventory

Storing away property in a storage unit is easy and it will only give you more space at home. You don’t need to get rid of things just because you cannot find a space for them. Instead, take advantage of the cheap self storage units available.

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